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Friday, February 11, 2005

Licking Bruce Willis

Oh my! I had this really intense gay dream! In the dream I was in a living room and Bruce Willis was there and he was naked. He starts wacking off and I notice what a huge dick he has. All the while he is stroking his meat I’m salivating, that this is something I’ve always wanted.

He eventually comes and his load is so massive that part of it lands in a cereal bowl near by. He walks out of the room and I just know that I have to taste the come. I lap it up into my mouth and it tastes sooo good! Then Bruce walks back into to room. I’m on my knees because I am still getting the come soaked cereal (it was Fruit Loops). He talks me to while approaching me with is his rock hard long dick. It still had semen dripping on the sides.

When he got close to me and expected an answer all I could do was to take his massive cock and start licking it. Oh may gawd. It was so wonderful to have cock in my mouth. Willis did not seem to mind, and I keep licking and sucking at his dick. He sat down on a nearby soda and leaned back. I took some more for cereal semen and tried to smear on his dick and balls. I licked and licked and I was sooooo hard!

I got another handful of his semen and spread it on his ass, I was going to put my dick up his ass and have the best fucking sex EVER.....and then the alarm went off.

Where did this come from? In my dream I was chowing down on the dick as if it was something I’ve always yearned to do. I seriously want to suck a big massive cock now. But how do you go about looking for a gay guy for recreational sex? I dunno...

But I was soo horny that I put on my new fav porn dvd. This one is has one cum swallowing shot after another. I masturbated twice! Normally I’m fine with on session, but that cock scene left me wanting, and I had to stroke off again.

Man...I would love to taste cock for the first time for real...

-Pussy Raider

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sandra K. - be my bitch

Today’s first victim to my sexual ramblings is my fellow co-worker Sandra K. She happens to sit near my office at work. Let me describe her to you: she is about 5’8” or so, kinda has bad posture because she is developing that old woman’s hump. She has nice short curly brown near, she likes to smile and lot and she has some really hug tits.

“How big are they Pussy Raider?” They are so big that they bulge out from the sides. Now, appearance wise she is “ok”, but her smile makes up for it. I had a friend in high school that planted the following thought in my head:

What if the ugliest girl had the best pussy?

Up to that point in my young life I had thought that only pretty girls could have nice breasts, nice butt, nice legs, nice personality, and make wonderful sex dolls. That was, until I got that line. Ever since then I’ve kept my eye out on the not-so-beautiful girls, and wonder: could they have the best pussy in the world?

Sandra, go out with me. Let me take you home so that I can fuck you. Don’t worry, I’ll eat your pussy, and if we take a shower before hand I’ll even toss your salad. Man, I can just see her fat white giggle tits bounding all around as I nail her :) I my guess is that she has a hairy snatch, and dark brown nipples.

So, for the next couple of days I’m going to be fantasizing about fucking my big-breasted co-worker. Wish me luck!

-Pussy Raider

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

First Post!

Hello there! I've noticed that during the course of the day I will look
at a woman and build up an instant fantasy around her. My goal is
to write these down and share them with you :) Sometimes I have
wonderful sexual encounter with my wife, and I'll share those as well.

I welcome your comments!